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June Food Of The Month: Blue Buffalo


The Dog That Started It All…

The moment Blue came home from the shelter he became a beloved family member. When his health started to decline in his later years, the Bishop family sought a natural solution to helping his body heal.

What they produced was Blue Buffalo!

His legacy has inspired holistic pet nutrition to help other families feed their pets better food, and bring awareness to ingredients and pet nutrition across the country.

Super 7 LifeSource

Blue Buffalo recipes are infused with LifeSource Bits to deliver optimal nutrition to your pets. These pieces are made up of select nutrients that deliver precise nutrients that are highly digestible.

What sets LifeSource Bits apart? They are “cold-formed” and combined at much lower temperatures than kibble is traditionally cooked at. This keeps the natural nutrients intact and recognizable to your pet’s digestive system.

LifeSource Bits boost a pet’s immune system, reduce oxidative stress, and support their development from when they are puppies all the way through their senior years.

The LifeSource Bits are easy to spot due to their darker color and smaller shape than the rest of the kibble in your pet’s bowl!

Feed Them Like Family

Blue’s recipes start with a high-quality protein to help your pet get the nutrition they need. Using a base of chicken, fish, lamb, turkey, or beef each recipe starts with the meat first.

There are no corn, wheat, soy, or by-products to be found in any of Blue’s foods. 

Their grains are always whole-grain (no fragments!) for optimum digestibility and are selected to help with digestion. Oats act as a natural fiber source, barley a natural pro-biotic, and rice as a low-fat carbohydrate. They also offer grain-free in their Wilderness line and potato-free options Simple line.

Whole fruits and vegetables such as blueberries, carrots, and peas contribute healthy fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to their recipes.

The Blue Buffalo Foundation

Pet Cancer affects one out of every four cats and dogs. Blue, unfortunately, was one of them and his loss has inspired over $11 million dollars in contributions by the Blue Buffalo Foundation to help fund the search for a cure.

Recent contributions also include $1 million to Service Dogs for Heroes, an organization that trains and places service dogs with Veterans.

This year’s goal is to provide more than $2 million in additional grants to pet cancer treatment and research!

Eco-Friendly Litter

Cat litter is traditionally made from clay that has been strip-mined from the earth. Blue Buffalo wanted to create a litter that clumped just as well as clay, but without the eco-impact.

Walnut shells provided the perfect solution! Traditionally they are scrapped in the food-preparation process and thrown away, but Blue decided to upcycle them for a new purpose.

Naturally Fresh cat litter comes in Quick-Clumping, Multi-Cat, and Pellet form. All have superior odor control, better absorption, low-tracking, and almost no dust! 

The Perfect Time To Try

Blue Buffalo food, litter, and treats will be on sale throughout June at Pets On Broadway!

Try it out and see why so many pet parents have switched to Blue. All of their food and litter are apart of our Frequent Buyer Program all year long! Buy 10 and get 1 free!