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September Food of the Month: FirstMate!

One of our favorite brands in the store. Come try it!

FirstMate Plant

Located in British Columbia, FirstMate pet food is owned today by the same family who founded it 27 years ago. Michael Florian started out as a fisherman, working his way to becoming the Captain of his own boat. His FirstMate? Tahoe, the border collie!

All of FirstMate’s food is made on-site in their privately owned, human-grade facility located in Chilliwack BC, Canada.  Every ingredient that goes into a bag of FirstMate, Kasiks, and Skoki was sourced as close to their facility as possible along the Pacific Northwest.


FirstMate Dog FoodFirstMate Bag

  • Limited ingredient, grain free recipes: chicken, lamb, or a blend of whole fish (herring, anchovies, and sardine)
  • Simple diets are easier to digest, making it a great option for dogs with sensitive stomachs

FirstMate is a high-quality pet food, using fresh and locally sourced ingredients to make sure your dog is getting the most out of each bite. It an easy food to transition any dog onto. All of the recipes are low in ash and phosphorus making it a great choice for older dogs or any with kidney issues or GI tract sensitivities. For every 12 bags of FirstMate you buy, your 13th bag is free!


KasiksKasiks Bag

  • Single-source protein
  • Grain- and potato-free diets: chicken, lamb, or fish

Kasiks is great for any pet parent who wants high-quality food at a slightly lower price than FirstMate. It is a single-source protein diet, and it is easy to rotate through the flavors. Kasiks is a lower glycemic food while still being calorie dense and protein rich!



  • Mixed protein
  • Calorie dense (480 k/cals per cup)

Skoki BagSkoki is hard to miss with its bright orange bags. A combination of their signature fish blend and protein-dense chicken meal, Skoki uses rice, oatmeal, and barley to help aid in digestion. It is corn, wheat, and soy free. Skoki exclusively comes in a 40-pound bag and is a great and  affordable option for large breed dogs — or any multi-dog household.


Canned Food

  • Limited ingredient, grain-free
  • Loose blended pâté consistency (also has been described as a thick smoothie)

This canned line is an easy to feed option for any pet parent. The dog and cat cans are the exact same recipes, making the larger can a great option for multi-species household, and the smaller can is a great size for cats or small dogs. The cans have no added binders or thickeners so they take on a much more liquidy consistency which is easy to digest.


And Finally, Cat Food

  • Limited ingredient, high protein and low carb
  • Low ash and phosphorus levels

FirstMate premium cat foods are single-source protein, limited-ingredient options. Both the chicken and fish recipes come with a hefty dose of blueberries to provide your cat with antioxidants to help them fight off any infections and reduce the risk of UTI’s.

All of the cat foods are low in ash and phosphorus which is great for senior or overweight cats, or any with sensitive kidneys or a history of developing crystals.

Their classic recipe is a blend of chicken and fish make it more affordable than the premium line, while remaining high protein and super digestible.

Come ask why FirstMate is a great option for your pet — we would love to talk to you more about this awesome food!


All of FirstMate’s dry and canned foods are on sale for the entirety of September!