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Food 0f the Month: Nutrisource and PureVita


Family-Owned for Three Generations

Started and still based in Perham, Minnesota, the KLN family of brands produces all of their pet food in their very own Tuffy’s factory, where they have been producing pet food for over 50 years.

The Tuffy’s factory has been a staple of Perham since it was built. It’s just three blocks from downtown!

Proud to be located in Minnesota, they source all of their ingredients from the highest quality farms available and most of their ingredients are within a three hour’s drive of their plant.

They have over 50 years of experience in producing pet food and are constantly innovating technology to keep their recipes ahead of the game.

Their products are cooked in smaller batches, meaning your pet’s food is fresher when it hits the bowl!


Safety Checks

The passion for quality, safety, and excellence is evident in their innovative recipes and safety technology. Their plant was the first in the United States to be BRC (British Retail Consortium) Certified — one of the strictest food certifications in the world.

They test their food at multiple stages of production. The raw materials do not make it onto the premises before meeting their quality and safety tests. The food is then tested at random points throughout production, and each batch is tested again before being shipped out.



NutriSource was started in 2003 with the mission to give pets a food for life.

Ranging from puppy to senior, and small to large breed, there’s a recipe made with your specific pooch in mind.

For your cat, they have whole-grain or grain-free options available.

Packing multiple proteins into each bag makes NutriSource protein-dense, palatable, and extra cost effective.

NutriSource is known for their complex vitamins and minerals that are added to each food. By adding multiple strains of probiotics to their foods, your pet is able to easily digest the food and get the most from each meal. You will notice a smaller output on the other end too!

Nutrisource also has a wide range of protein and fiber options. For athletic dogs who burn calories like crazy, try Super Performance. If your pet is trying to shed the pounds, their high-fiber/low-fat Weight Management diets are a great way for your pet to feel fuller and burn some extra fat!



This line is their limited ingredient diet. They have kept the recipes simple to help any pet digest them with ease.

Pure-Vita features just one protein per bag, making it perfect for pets with sensitivities, allergies, or any GI issues.

There are no white potatoes in any of the recipes, instead, they use sweet potatoes, peas, or lentils to round out their recipes. Their whole-grain options feature healthy grains such as brown rice or oatmeal.

You can rotate through the proteins to keep your pet’s metabolism at its peak efficacy!

Pure-Vita is made as an all life stage diet, so it is appropriate for puppies through seniors.


…A Better End Result

NutriSource and Pure-Vita are created to be easily digestible, giving your pet the best chance to absorb all the possible nutrients available. When your pet is utilizing more of the food you feed, you can feed less overall to get the same amount of nutritional value.

Not only does that save you money, but your pet is getting more from their food and producing less waste overall.


Pure-Vita and NutriSource will be on sale throughout the month of May at Pets On Broadway. Stop by and see why we love NutriSource and Pure-Vita for our pets, and why we think you will too!