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December Food Of The Month


Natural Balance was founded in 1989, by Dick Van Patten, after he decided that his animals deserved a better food. After searching through the brands available at the time, he decided that it was up to him to create one!

Utilizing the highest quality ingredients, Natural Balance has expanded their line, throughout the years, to provide nutritional recipes for any dog or cat (including those with food sensitivities).


Natural Balance has a range of different formulas, so every pet parent has plenty of options:

Ultra Premium

The Ultra line was the first Natural Balance food ever introduced. Great for active dogs and cats imgreswho get plenty of exercise and need calories to burn! These bags are composed of multiple proteins to expose them to a range of options all at once.

Limited Ingredient Diet

The L.I.D. line premiered after multiple customers came looking for a food with just one protein source. When Natural Balance says limited, they mean it. Each bag is composed of just one protein and just one carbohydrate source. 

For dogs and cats that do not have any food issues or sensitivities, the L.I.D. diet is great for rotational feeding. We recommend switching the protein with any new bag you are buying. This helps expose your animal to a variety of flavors and helps keep their metabolism strong.

No matter what your dog is sensitive to, Natural Balance has a bag built just for them.

Wild Pursuit

The newest member of the Natural Balance family, Wild Pursuit is high-protein and infused with freeze-dried raw pieces to give your animals the benefits of raw with no extra work for you.

A great option for any finicky animals who tend to turn their nose up at the bowl  this food is extra palatable!

bwc_sealBuy With Confidence

Natural Balance wants to make sure that all of their foods are the highest quality and safest foods on the market. They send out their foods to be tested three separate times for nine known contaminants that can be harmful to pets. The test results must come back positive from all three tests before the food is sent out.

If you are curious about your bag’s test results, log on to their website ( and click the “Buy With Confidence” link at the top of the page. From their, fill in the information requested, and you’ll be able to see all of the results and confirm that your food was tested and approved!

Natural Balance will be on sale all December long!

It’s a great time to try this awesome food and see why so many pet parents believe in Natural Balance.

Feel free to ask any of our staff for more details and get personalized suggestions for your pet!