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March Food Of The Month: Petcurean


The Petcurean Difference

Image result for petcurean dogPetcurean is a family-owned company making their pet food recipes at their own factory in Canada. They are devoted to pet nutrition, above all else, and employ a pet nutritionist with a Ph.D. in pet-specific nutrition to help them formulate their different recipes.

They cook their food at 194 degrees to maintain the natural nutrients in the ingredients. This makes it super palatable and easy for your pet to digest. As they like to say, the proof is in the poop.

All Shapes and Sizes

Petcurean does not make a “one size fits all” food, they tailor their individual foods to best fit your pet, whether they are a small breed puppy or a large breed senior.

There are three different lines in the Petcurean family of foods:


The newest line in the Petcurean family, Gather is sustainably sourced and made with certified Organic ingredients.

There were five key pillars that all farmers and suppliers had to meet when being chosen for inclusion:Image result for petcurean

  1. Following humane animal welfare practices
  2. Protecting water supplies and limiting water use
  3. Protecting farmer, rancher, and producer livelihoods
  4. Ensuring the preservation of natural resources
  5. Actively working to preserve biodiversity

Those who met and exceeded their standards became their trusted sources for certified goodness.

Now! Fresh

Made with all fresh meats, Now! could only be fresher if you made it at home.

All recipes are triple proteins (turkey, salmon, and duck), are formulated for puppies through seniors, and small/large breed foods are available.

  • Small breedImage result for petcurean
    • A double dose of cranberries and blueberries gives this food extra antioxidants to help with tear stains and build immunity
    • Extra small, clover-shaped kibble
    • Tripolyphosphate to help balance their mouth pH for better breath
  • Large Breed
    • Larger pieces of kibble
    • Extra glucosamine and chondroitin for hip and joint health
    • Lower levels of calcium in the Large Breed Puppy for controlled bone growth
    • Great for breeds that scarf their food

All Now! recipes contain no meals or rendered fats.

Go! SolutionsImage result for petcurean go

Made for the dog or cat on the Go! This food is high protein and tailored to fit individual pet’s needs.

The Sensitivity + Shine line contains just one protein per recipe. It is great for dogs with sensitivities or allergies to specific proteins, or pets with sensitive stomachs. It contains no grains or white potatoes to aid in slow and steady digestion.

Fit + Free is high in protein from a triple-protein blend. Great for super active dogs and cats.


Spike Treats

Image result for petcurean dog

Roasted over beech chips, these jerkies smell tempting–even to our noses! Consisting of just jerky, these treats can be ripped into smaller pieces for training rewards or given whole for a chewy chow-down session.

They come in a variety of proteins, including venison for more sensitive dogs.


Petcurean food and treats will be on sale throughout the month of March at Pets on Broadway!

Come try it out and find out what recipe is the right fit for your pet.