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February Food Of The Month: Precise

A Brand For Life

Image result for precise dog foodPrecise has been in business since 1992 making safe, reliable, and wholesome foods for your pet. It was created by pet-lovers for people that love their pets!

Precise makes all of their food in their own factory in Nacogdoches, Texas.

They offer two lines, Precise Naturals and Precise Holistic both of which make foods for puppies through senior dogs.


Safety First

In their 26 year history, they have never had a recall of any of their foods. Each ingredient is tested before it is allowed into the facility, and each batch is tested three times (before, during, and after production) to ensure purity and consistency within their recipes.

Precise is very proud of their long history of quality assurance for their customers.

Precise Naturals

Precise Naturals contain high quality protein sources, whole grains, and Image result for cat and dog eatingchelated minerals to help your dog or cat get everything they can from their meal.

They offer formulas tailored to different sizes of dogs, small dogs all the way through large/giant breeds. These recipes are unique in their levels of protein, kibble size, and the amount of minerals included.

Precise Holistic

Precise Holistic takes everything great about their Naturals line and adds innovative nutritional supplements to help your dog or cat thrive!

DHAgold is derived from blue-green algae and is a super concentrated source of omega-3 fatty acids.  DHA has been included in most puppy foods, but a recent study found it improved cognitive function and eyesight in dogs of any age! That’s why itt is included in every Precise Holistic formula.

Citrus fiber which is packed with antioxidants, which can help fight bladder and urine infections and also helps the body fight cancer-causing free radicals. Fiber is a necessary part of any diet to keep the body regular; Precise gave their fiber a boost!

This line also features added glucosamine and chondroitin which is beneficial for hips and joints.

Big Friendly GiantsImage result for great dane puppy

Large and Giant breed dogs need slow and even growth as puppies in order to avoid any orthopedic diseases. A major culprit of hip and joint issues come from improper growth, and often with large breeds it is from their bones growing too quickly. Quick growth comes from an over-supple
mentation of calcium in their diet.

In order to create the best food for large and giant breed dogs, Precise teamed up with Linda Arndt (also known as The Great Dane Lady) who helped create a vitamin pack specifically tailored to large dogs needs.

With her help, Precise has an amazing recipe for large dogs success!


No matter what age or size of dog or cat you have, Precise has a food for you! It will be on sale all of February at Pets On Broadway.