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Pets on Broadway Run Club

Hey POB Friends and Neighbors! As the days get shorter and start to cool off, a lot of us start looking forward to cozy evenings on the couch, rainy days spent indoors, and the general slowdown of our routines. While that all sounds nice, we never like the results: decreased energy, increased waistlines, and less time spent moving and being active.

Combine the sleepy weather with the seasonal uptick in indulgent food and drink, and the result can be a big drop off in your overall health and wellbeing. Usually, we try to make up for it in January with lofty New Year’s resolutions, but we all know
how successful those are

POB is here to help! We’re teaming up with some great local organizations to give you a fun, healthy, and FREE outlet for you and your furry (or scaly, or feathered, or…) friends.

We’re happy to introduce a new program called POBFit, where we give you access to new ways to stay (or get) healthy and keep active with your furry loved ones.

The first incarnation of POBFit is our weekly Run Club!6821279856_45ef5a8ac9_z

The Run Club isn’t just about getting out and moving more. It’s about taking your best bud with you, being a little bit more social, and having a reliable and fun group to do it with.

We’re even going to have some giveaways to help keep everyone motivated. The first one is an awesome FitBit Charge HR (heart rate). Each run you participate in gets you an entry into the raffle. Future prizes might include gym memberships, gift certificates, and one-on-one coaching opportunities.

We’re kicking it off in October, and we’d love to keep you up-to-date. Sign up here to receive updates about the program and to get one free entry into the raffle.




Everyone’s invited!

We’re excited to get POBFit with you!