November Food of the Month: Solid Gold | Pets On Broadway

A Purposeful Pet Food

solid gold pet food

Solid Gold was founded over 40 years ago, when the creator of the company, Sissy Harrington McGill, traveled to Germany to purchase two Great Dane puppies. What she discovered while abroad was a completely different diet for dogs, which was contributing to the German dogs living approximately five years longer than dogs in America.

The difference was in their food!

After bringing the recipe back home to America, Solid Gold became the first food to focus on meat-based diets for dogs and cats. Ever since, the company has remained on the cutting edge of pet nutrition with their holistic, protein-focused recipes.


All That’s Good, Nothing That’s Not

dog puppy
Solid Gold was founded with a focus on making the first holistic pet food, and while the line of recipes has expanded, they have always kept that goal in mind.

Their recipes are based on premium proteins, then they blend in 20 nutrient-rich superfoods to help support healthy digestion, muscle growth, metabolism, and more. Each fruit, vegetable, or herb is selected contribute to the overall health of the body.healthy pet food

While some ingredients such as pumpkin, blueberries, spinach, and salmon oil are more common, ingredients such as kelp are added because they’re a great source of minerals, antioxidants, and iodine (which is great for maintaining healthy thyroid function).

All of their kibble recipes include whitefish, a dense source of protein which promotes lean muscle mass and gives your pet an extra boost of omega 3’s and 6’s. Egg is also found throughout their dry foods as it is an easily absorbable protein that promotes a healthy metabolism and muscle growth.

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Solid Gold provides a range of puppy, adult, and senior foods. Among the choices are both whole grain and grain-free formulas. Have a small or large breed dog? There’s a Solid Gold food made with your dog in mind.

Solid Gold makes cat food, too!

Solid Gold even has a frequent buyer program. For every 10 bags you purchase, you get 1 free.

Come on in to try out Solid Gold. This great food will be on sale throughout November at Pets On Broadway!

Special note: check out Solid Gold’s Happiest Pet on Earth contest!