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Food Of The Month: The Honest Kitchen

Where It All Began…

The Honest Kitchen was honestly started in Lucy Postin’s kitchen in 2002. Her fussy pup Mosi and his recurring skin issues were the driving force behind creating an all-natural, human-grade diet that pets love eating, and you can feel great about feeding!

Based in San Diego, The Honest Kitchen employs a small team of dedicated people (and their pets!).  Their foods are made in a Human Grade kitchen with the highest quality meats, fruits, and vegetables to make a delicious mix of food your pet will love to eat.

The Honest Kitchen provides noticeable improvements to your pets skin and coat, breath, digestive system (smaller, less stinky stool), and allows you to feed a whole and healthy diet with ease. All of their recipes are highly digestible.

Why Dehydrated?


Food is what fuels us and it’s the same for our pets. Most kibble is highly processed and cooked at temperatures that burn out many of the natural nutrients originally contained in the food.

Dehydrating is gently removing the moisture from the ingredients, so whole foods retain their vitamins and minerals, while keeping them fresher, longer. You can see the difference in the vibrant colors in their food mixes.


**Did you know?

The pigments in food colors are called “phytonutrients” and are helpful to the immune system, eyes, and heart strength.

Re-hydrating the food expands its mass by four times the dehydrated amount. It is a great packable meal for dogs that go hiking, camping, or travel often because it is so lightweight!

All Honest Kitchen foods are certified 100% China Free, and their foods do not include any Genetically Modified Ingredients.


How To Feed


Freshly dehydrated ingredients.

The Honest Kitchen needs to be re-hydrated for at least three minutes before feeding it to your pet. Never feed dry–the food will expand in their stomach and cause major digestive upset. Due to the fine grind, it does not take long to whip up a batch for meal time, so it is still a quick and convenient meal for your pet.

Each recipe is single-source protein, and there are whole grain and grain-free options available. The grains used are organic oats (a natural anti-inflammatory and digestive aid) or barley (a natural probiotic).  There are no added salts, sugars, or preservatives.

The Honest Kitchen also makes base mixes–a balanced mix of fruits and vegetables and allows you to add your own meat on top. For people who make homemade food or feed a raw diet, this can be a great time saver while still providing your dog whole and healthy food!

Since cats and dogs cannot break down raw vegetable cellulose, their vegetables are steamed at a low temperature to make their nutrients more bio-available to your pet. Meats are steamed to remove pathogens, and all batches are tested at multiple stages for health and safety.


Health Benefits


All animals benefit from moisture in their diet. By feeding the Honest Kitchen you will see an improvement in their skin and coat from the quality of ingredients and the extra moisture in their diet.

There is an old myth that feeding an all-wet diet is harmful to your pet’s teeth. The Honest Kitchen does not have any added carbohydrates to bind it together, nor does it add thickeners like most canned products. Their food is less “sticky” and produces less plaque than traditional pet foods. Supplementing your pet’s diet with harder chewy treats, such as marrow bones, raw meaty bones, dental treats, or chewy toys, can help clean their teeth and keep them strong. Remember, nothing meets a classic toothbrush when it comes to dental health!

The Honest Kitchen makes a highly digestible food with recognizable ingredients that smells like homemade food–and pets can smell the difference (it’s a great option for picky dogs!). Due to the difference between this food and most kibbles, a slow transition will help ease any digestive upset. Start by adding it as 25% of their meal and watch for any changes to their digestion. Work your way up to feeding it as their entire diet over the course of a few weeks.

thk015_pet-health_web-assets_health-benefits-chart_942wThis food does not have to be your pet’s entire diet. It makes a great alternative to canned wet food, or can be fed as a topper on their meal. A little bit of healthy food can do a tremendous amount of good for their bodies and digestive systems.

Get Creative

The Honest Kitchen makes a perfect Kong (or any treat stuffed-dog-kongball) stuffer! Mix the food with just a little bit less water than usual to create a thicker food, put tape over the top of the kong and pour the mixture in. Freezing it makes it last longer, and it’s a healthy alternative to stuffing a treat ball with treats and peanut butter. Freezing it makes it perfect for teething puppies to help soothe their achy mouths too!

Try mixing up a batch of your dogs favorite recipe and pour it into an ice cube tray. Stick a carrot inside to create a ‘handle’, freeze, and give your dog a meaty ice cube to lick and gnaw on! Makes a great, refreshing treat–especially in the summer.

Head over to The Honest Kitchen’s blog and check out their DIY section for recipes, homemade toy ideas, and other great tips and tricks for your pet!


The Honest Kitchen will be on sale all throughout January at Pets on Broadway. Come check it out and see why this food is a staff and customer favorite!