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April Food of the Month: Wellness

Wellness started with the simple philosophy, “Food does more than just sustain us – food feeds our soul and protects our bodies… proper nutrition is the foundation of wellbeing for every one of us – including our pets.”

The origin of Wellness started in Gloucester, Massachusetts, in the early 1900s. Old Mother Hubbard originally made sea-tac biscuits. Upon finding out they were being gobbled up by dogs, they switched gears and began making dog treats focusing on quality ingredients to make pets feel great while they ate.


Ideal Nutritional Balance

Wellness is committed to using high-quality ingredients to create their recipes. There is no corn, wheat, soy, artificial preservatives, unnamed meat, by-products, or artificial colors in any of their foods. 

The goal is to make healthy and natural pet food that contains no “empty calories” for your dog (or for you to pick up on your nightly walk). Each recipe is expertly crafted to make sure your dog or cat gets the most nutrition possible out of their food.


Recipes for Success


High protein and grain-free, CORE is engineered for high-energy pets. Crafted to be packed with nutrient-dense protein sources while keeping the food low-carb for active pets.

CORE reduced-fat is a great grain-free weight loss food and is one of the only weight-loss diets recommended by veterinarians!

CORE small breed is more than just a shrunken kibble. Their small breed formula contains more protein for your high energy dog. The extra boost of antioxidants also help to PH balance your small breed’s body and helps eliminate tear stains.

CORE for cats is a higher protein, meat-focused kibble. Great for all life stages, their cat formulas come in kitten, adult, and indoor. Indoor cats can benefit from the lower fat and higher fiber ratio in the food to help pass hairballs and keep the pounds off.


CORE Air Dried

Wellness has innovated a gently dehydrated version of their CORE foods to bring your pet bio-available nutrition in little protein-packed nuggets. Working as an entire diet, topper, or perfect-sized training treats, this food is versatile and works well for whatever your dog needs.

By slowly air-drying the food, more of the natural nutrients stay intact and are highly palatable to your dog or cat.


Complete Health

This line comes with both grain and grain-free options. Keep your eye out for even more grain-free options coming this month!

Wellness makes all of their kibble in their own factory in order to adhere to their strict safety standards and testing. All of their suppliers are subject to random monthly tests by Wellness to make sure they are constantly meeting their standards.

The cat Complete Health line features a triple cranberry blend. Cats are prone to urinary issues, and cranberry is a proven detoxifier and combats inflammation of the urethra.



Single-source proteins and limited carbohydrates make Simple the Wellness line for sensitive dogs, or those with allergies. This recipe is true to its name, providing your pet with wholesome, simple, digestible nutrition.

Wet Foods

Dog Food

Wellness comes in pâté and stew form in a huge variety of proteins. They even have single-source novel proteins like venison for sensitive pups.

All of their wet food is highly palatable and a great way to add moisture to your dog’s diet. They even make one just for puppies!


Cat Food

Wellness cat cans come in a variety of
textures and proteins to suit a range of picky cats. All of their foods are grain-free and protein dense. Mix and match their pâtés, Signature Select chunks, and gravy-filled shred pouches to give your cat a whole range to pick their favorite from.


All Wellness foods will be on sale throughout April! Now is a perfect time to find out why Wellness is a staff favorite.